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Garden Information Sheets

The following information sheets are available and give advice on many topics and on gardening in different environments. However, if there is a subject not covered here with which you need help, please do contact us.

Please choose the sheet(s) you would find useful and send your requirements to the HGT School Grounds representative Bella Stuart-Smith, Pie Corner, Millhouse Lane, Bedmond, Herts WD5 0SG or email your request to

Sheet 1      Planting and Aftercare
Sheet 2      Tools
Sheet 3      Hedging and Screening
Sheet 4      Poisonous Plants
Sheet 5      Gravel Garden
Sheet 6      Compost Making
Sheet 7      Climbers
Sheet 8      Bulbs
Sheet 9      Paths and Paving
Sheet 10    Containers and Raised Beds
Sheet 11    Plants for Free
Sheet 12    Saving Seeds
Sheet 13    Ground Cover Plants
Sheet 14    Shrubs for sunny sites
Sheet 15    Plants for sunny sites
Sheet 16    Small and decorative trees
Sheet 17    Plants for shade
Sheet 18    Herbs
Sheet 19    Polytunnels and cold frames
Sheet 20    Vegetables
Sheet 21    Gardening books
Sheet 22    Heritage
Sheet 23    Shade
Sheet 24    Willow structures
Sheet 25    Running a school gardening club
Sheet 26    Sensory Garden
Sheet 27    Vegetable Containers
Sheet 28    Applications to Grant Giving Organisations

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