Conservation Management Plans

Conservation Management Plans are valuable tools in the management of historic parks and gardens.

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They are evidence-based and take into account the history and current state of the landscape. They set out in detail, actions and strategies for conserving and enhancing the historic fabric and set out a day-to-day management framework. These are typically designed to last for five years with ongoing reviews and critical reviews at the end of the period, leading to a subsequent CMP. The continuity of management practice this gives means that changes in ownership or interim projects can be accommodated without impacting adversely on the landscape.

More details on CMP can be found on The Gardens Trust website at:

Ideally all our 44 sites on the Historic England Register and the majority of our Locally Important sites (see Local Listings) should have such plans and should be kept up-to-date.

They are invaluable weapons for guarding our landscapes as inevitable decay and degradation happen over time and housing and other development pressures increase

Information on the existence and whereabouts of these plans is often difficult to locate but the attached list details those of which HGT is aware. Those where a copy is held by HGT Conservation and Planning are denoted by *, others are held in the Hertfordshire Local Studies and Archives at Hertford. Many of these are out of date and need revising and updating.

Name HE Register Author Date
Amersfort No Debois Landscape Survey Group (Debois)
Ashridge II* Sarah Ruthford 2009, 2011
Balls Park * II Debois
Beechwood No Debois
Brickendon No Debois
Bushey Rose Garden II* Liz Lake Assoc. 2006
Cassiobury II Debois
LDA 2011
LUC 2014
Cedars Park No Nicholas Pearson Assoc. 2008
Cheverells * No Debois 2000
Codicote Lodge No Debois
Cole Green / Panshangar * Historic Land Management 2004
Digswell No Debois
Gilston No Debois
Gobions II Debois
Goldings II Debois
The Grove * No Debois 1996
Howard Park & Gardens II LDA 2007
Broadway, Letchworth II
Langleybury No ACTA 2003
Moor Park II * Debois
Napsbury II RPS Planning & Development 2007
Newsells No Debois
Pishiobury II Debois
Landscape Agency 2005
Rothamsted Manor * No Adrian Cook 2003
Spinning Wheel, Broxbourne No Nicholas Pearson Assoc. 2012
Theobalds No Debois
Wall Hall II Debois
Woodhall Park II * Debois
Wrotham Park II Debois

 In addition, HGT holds documents on :

 Briggens (Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment by Hyland Edgar Driver, 2006

Cheverells (A Preliminary Historic Building Appraisal, BEAMS, 2000)

Poles (Landscape History Survey and Planning Proposals, anon, n.d.)

Gilston Park (A Brief Account of the Historic Landscape, Tom Williamson, n.d.)

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