Good News! Yule Mausoleum

Mar 5, 2017

Following the HGT request for designation at Hanstead House, Bricket Wood in 2013, the Yule Mausoleum in the garden was given a Grade II Listing. The sculpture is particularly fine and following an article in 2013, in Mausolus, the magazine of the Monuments and Mausolea Society, a descendant of the sculptor has just contacted HGT with evidence of Philip Lindsay-Clark as sculptor. Lindsay-Clark did many fine memorial and church sculptures, including one in St Bonaventure, Parkway, Welwyn Garden City. Historic England are now adding this information to their description, which is currently:

Architectural interest: in a period in which most monuments were produced by commercial masons whose output was fairly routine and derivative, the highly individual character of this mausoleum is conspicuous in its originality, aesthetic quality and high quality execution.

The full listing entry can be seen at